The SEED Educational Trust is a charitable Trust registered as a Public Benefit Organisation with the Receiver of Revenue in South Africa. SEED is a level 1 B-BBEE service provider that develops leaders in the social sector. SEED’s leadership programmes are accredited by The University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (USB-ED).
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What is the problem SEED is trying to address?

Many experience South Africa as being stuck and this has led to a growing sense of despair and fragmentation. Contributing to this stuckness is:


  • South African exceptionalism or false optimism that believes that somehow things will get better on their own.

  • A paralysis that stems from a lack of belief that things can change or that individuals have the agency to change things. 

  • The notion that developing sound policies and insisting on compliance is enough to bring about the change that is needed.

Further, there is a lack of ethical and reflective leadership to lead our country out of the malaise it is in. This is characterised by:


  • A lack of knowledge of what ethical and reflective leadership is and what it takes to lead change at a systemic level

  • A lack of the dispositions and skills to lead the change that is needed.

  • A lack of institutional capacity to develop our own change leaders.

SEED’s Theory of change

If we conduct research, develop resources and advocate for change leadership; and if we train, coach and mentor those who develop leaders in organisations and institutions (Activities)

We will build change leadership capacity in the state and not-for-profit sector (Outputs)

So that leaders effectively and sustainably lead the change that our country needs (Outcomes)