SEED expands to Northern Province (Limpopo) and Eastern Cape Education Region

SEED Educational Trust has recently offered a SLP course in Limpopo from 4-6 May 2012.

22 participants attended including Principals, deputy-principals and HOD’s – 15 schools were represented at Loskop Valley Lodge for the three-day intensive leadership course.

SEED will also expand to the Eastern Cape Region from 11-13 July with a course in Stutterheim.

Nedbank Foundation has funded both courses and is continuing to support SEED Educational Trust with their investment in Leadership Training in the Education Sector.

Some reflections on the course were:

“What is clearer to me after this course is that leadership is most vital within any institution – it can either make or break it”

“What I have learned is that a good leader is one who listens and gives support”

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