SLP 12 July 2012 Eastern Cape

Sponsored by Old Mutual

Participating schools

  1. Nompendulo High school, Nonceba HS,Thembalabantu HS,
  2. Toise High school, Xolani HS,Kuyasa HS,Gasela,HS, R. Varha HS
  3. Archie Velile HS, Zukhanye HS, Dumalisile HS ( High School)

Post course Impact Evaluation Statements (selection):

Awareness Themes:

  1. SELF: I now know myself better. I am now clear about my strengths better. I am clearer about the different personalities in my school. The green, blue, yellow and red behaviours.
  2. RELATIONSHIP: People in organisations behave differently due to certain issues. As a leader I must be able to assess whether the behaviour is influenced by change, attitudes, beliefs, anxiety or stuckness.
  3. CHANGE: In all organisations change takes place, as a result people go through different stages before they commit to the change.
  4. CONFLICT: As a leader I must not be triangulated in conflict. Resolve the conflict as soon as you can.
  5. LEADERSHIP: I have learnt to listen so that I can know what the educators think and how I can change unhelpful mind sets.

Learning/ Change Impact Themes: “What happened to me”?

  1. SELF: My new perspective now makes me realise the need to look at emotions and at the same time be task driven if there is to be progress in my journey
  2. RELATIONSHIP: It is of benefit to respond to people’s needs and try not to use power to make people understand a situation, rather start with interests of people then move to power.
  3. CHANGE: I have realised that I can effect change even within one department and that I can affect the whole organisation due to the fact that we are connected as people who work together.
  4. CONFLICT: I did not like conflict but now I learn about it and everything about resistance of people to certain things that are around the curriculum and how to deal with it.
  5. LEADERSHIP: The programme has broadened my ideas about leadership and expectations. There are various aspects of leadership that I reflected on: I have to adapt to changes but be firm and not too autocratic. I have a better understanding of leadership: awareness, courage, being supportive, consultative and that with togetherness as a team- a lot could be achieved.

Change Action/ Vision Themes: “What will I do differently”?

  1. SELF: I will be more decisive, be willing to change, be a good listener and be more committed to my work
  2. RELATIONSHIP: With the story wall as a basis, I will listen to my team and staff and develop a better way of leading the team and managing them. I will build relationships that are cordial and harmonious
  3. CHANGE: When it is time to do change at my school I will do a broad consultation. I will engage the members of staff in discussion so that the change is embraced by the majority. At the end i will not lose sight that i am a leader and i will need to draw a line at some point.
  4. CONFLICT: I will not take sides in conflicts and intervene early to attempt to resolve them.
  5. LEADERSHIP: I shall strive to be a self differentiated leader, I will have a vision but consult with educators and other stakeholders so that it can be owned by everyone