SLP 13 February 2013 Eastern Cape, Stutterheim

Sponsored by Old Mutual

Participating schools

ZK Matthews, Nosizwe HS, Gasela HS, Thembalabantu, Kuyasa SSS, MgcawezuluSS, Xolani SS, Richard Varha, Zukhanye SS, Nonceba, Dumalisile SSS, Toise, Nompendulo, Archie Velile SS, Hector Peterson.


SLP 13 Certificate Ceremony

Post course Impact Evaluation Statements (selection):

Awareness Themes

There was evidence of shifts in thinking, self belief, insights and self confidence:

  1. I do have a lot of potential. I am not as inefficient and poor as I thought
  2. I know who I am, my strengths and weaknesses and how best to use my personality.
  3. Before this course I led not listening to other’s views and forcing cooperation

Learning/ Change Impact Themes:

Mindset shifts

  1. The value of a multi perspective approach midst uncertainty was highlighted
  2. I understood using various “ lenses” to evaluate
  3. There is no one way of solving problems and interacting
  4. I have learnt to not only view a challenge from my own perspective but to allow others to voice their own perceptions.


  1. Ways of leading and managing conflict and change situations were highlighted.
  2. The value of communication, support, trust and consultation was emphasised.
  3. Each individual has a unique or different leadership style
  4. Leadership is not about power or authority. It needs skill and careful planning
  5. My key learning was managing and resolving conflict

Change Action/ Vision Themes: “What will I do differently”?

  1. I will stand firm and strong before my educators because this course is relevant
  2. I will introduce every intension of change before it is implemented for the staff to air their views. I will give them enough information necessary for change.
  3. I will listen to members of staff concerning their needs and feelings
  4. I will raise motivation and communication

SLP 13 Gala Dinner