The SEED Educational Trust is a charitable Trust registered as a Public Benefit Organisation with the Receiver of Revenue in South Africa.  We seek to develop skills, confidence and hope in leaders in the social sector so that they can lead effectively. We work in partnership with The University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (USB-ED) as our academic partner. SEED has been working in schools and Districts since 2006 and has run leadership programmes for more than 800 leaders from 8 districts across 5 provinces.

The need

The education system in South Africa is under-performing. High levels of absenteeism, low morale and poor performance amongst educators are common themes that recur. These, in turn, lead to poor literacy and numeracy levels in primary schools and poor matric results in high schools. Researchers have identified poor leadership and management as a key contributing factor to the poor performance.

“Lessons from successful schools in poor areas show that dysfunctional schools can be transformed into positive learning and teaching environments. The leadership and management qualities of the principal are vital… What seems to stand out from all successful schools is the importance of leadership.” Ramphele,R (2008) Laying the Ghosts to Rest, NB Publishers, South Africa

SEED has observed that the delivery of quality education in the classroom is directly impacted by the quality of leadership given by the leadership team and by the cohesiveness and morale of the staff team as a whole. In a survey we conducted in 7 schools in the East District in the Western Cape involving 159 educators, more than 50% of them had considered leaving education in the past 12 months and 26% had actually applied for positions outside of education.

Key factors influencing these educators included poor leadership and processes within their schools and a breakdown in relationships between staff.

What do we do?

SEED provides training, coaching and leadership support to leaders in the social context.

SEED runs the School Leadership Programme (for School Leaders) and the School Coaching and Mentoring Programme (for District Officials and school mentors) that consists of  a 12 month process of workshops, coaching, mentoring, assessment, monitoring and evaluation. At the end of the process, participants receive a certificate of completion from SEED and those who fulfil the requirements receive a certificate from the University of Stellenbosch.

SEED runs a lean administrative structure – contracting people to deliver work as it is needed rather than employing staff and running expensive offices

SEED has a highly skilled and committed Board of Trustees to ensure that there is good governance, quality and accountability in the services that are provided.

SEED ensures quality and accountability through

  1. Accountability to a board of trustees
  2. Research and development
  3. Training, mentoring and supervising our accredited facilitators and coaches
  4. Monitoring and evaluating the work that is done by our facilitators and coaches
  5. Measuring the impact of the processes and courses we offer

SEED provides a vehicle and a collective identity for like minded facilitators and coaches who share our vision and values and who work amongst the poor and vulnerable in the social sector.

SEED negotiates opportunities and raises resources for leadership development work in the social sector

SEED develops creative partnerships with people and organisations that can add value to leadership development in the social sector

Legal and Tax Term and Conditions
The SEED Educational Trust is registered in terms of section 6 (1) of the Trust Property Control Act of 1988. Registration number IT3654/2007.

The SEED Educational Trust is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation in terms of section 30 of the Income Tax Act. PBO Number 930026697

SEED has been approved for the purposes of Section 18A(1)(a&b) of the Act and donations to SEED are tax deductible in the hands of the donor in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed by Section 18A of the Act

Donations to SEED are exempt from donations tax in terms of section56(1)(h) of the Act

Bequests or accruals from Estates of Deceased persons in favour of SEED are exempt from the payment of estate duty in terms of section 4(h) of the Estate Duty Act of 1955

SEED is exempt from Stamp Duty in terms of section 4(1)(f) of the Stamp Duties Act of 1968

The SEED Educational Trust is registered as a Non Profit Organisation. NPO Number 080-510-NPO