The Certificate in Community Coaching and Mentoring (CCM)

Offered by SEED Educational Trust in Conjunction with USB-ED

Equipping people working in the social sector to empower the people and communities that they serve

The Certificate in Community Coaching and Mentoring (CCM) is designed to equip people working in the social sector with the knowledge, dispositions and skills they need to empower the people and communities they serve.

The CCM is built on four professional education paradigm breakers
  1. Effective navigation of real-world contexts via:
    1. An intentional and explicit learning journey: Cast in the mould of a train the trainer programme, the CCM programme is built on the notion that the quality of transformation and professional practice depends on the quality of the intervener. In short, the equipping of transformation professionals, must precede their ability to guide transformation in the real world.
    2. Disciplined reflection and practice: Due to constant change, today’s world requires all of us to learn constantly. The course employs structured reflection opportunities to help people to review their own narratives and to rigorously reconstruct these in real world situations through ‘disciplined’ and purposeful practice.
  2. Relating, connecting and being current: The CCM acknowledges the fact that human beings are relational beings and that relational competence and currency is becoming more and more important. It therefore places a premium on engaging, connecting, sharing and collaborating.
  3. The conditions that enable human beings to learn how to learn: Research from various fields tell us that human beings require specific conditions to be in place for them to intrinsically learn, grow and flourish. The CCM ensures that these conditions are in place throughout so that outcomes such as empowerment, resilience, autonomy and self-directedness can be realised.
  4. Building a new adaptive, ethical, transformative and professional orientation: Building on the above three principles, the CCM seeks to re-orient the participant adaptively, ethically, transformatively and professionally to respond to the challenges of the NPO context.

Programme structure

The first block of our next course is from Tuesday 23rd January 2018 to Friday 27th January 2018. Venue will be in Cape Town and confirmed closer to the time.

  Introduction Phase 1: Jan – April Phase 2: May – July Phase 3: Aug – Nov December: Closure Total
Learning Blocks Block 1 (4 days) Block 2 (3 days) Block 3 (3 days) 10 days
1.     Learning blocks: The programme has 10 full days teaching time in three blocks – 2 teaching blocks and 1 shared assessment process;

2.     Supervision:
o    2 formal faculty supervisions: Students receive up to 1.5 hrs X 2 during the programme;
o    Regular fellow student peer supervisions and provision for work colleague feedback and support;

3.     Assignments: 4 journey assignments and in-depth feedback (written and conversational) including final feedback;

4.     Programme duration: The total duration of the programme is 10.5 months.

5.     Practical experience: Participants are expected to reflect on actual coaching and mentoring that they are doing in the community;

6.   Obtainable credits: 22 credits at NQF 6 and 160 notional hours;

7.     Number of students per programme: Due to the focused attention that students must receive, the programme accepts a maximum of 16 per group;

8.     Competency certificate or attendance certificate: Students receive a full competency certificate from the University of Stellenbosch based on assignments completed and satisfaction of the assessment criteria. In cases where the assessment criteria have not been satisfied (including assignments not completed or not fully completed), but all or some of the learning blocks have been attended, they will receive an attendance certificate for those sessions.


Mr Lesedi Makhurane        BA, B Com, MA, Specialist in Reflective Practice

Lesedi is a scientist-practitioner with vast experience in learning, leadership development, complex transformation and enterprise development. Lesedi is a certified project manager, facilitator and business planner. As an adjunct faculty member of various universities, he has taught postgraduate and masters courses since 2003 and supervised extensively.

Lesedi is currently working on a Doctorate (Work based learning) at the University of Middlesex, UK. He has recently served on the Boards of The Coaching Centre, SEED Trust and the Novalis Institute.

Mrs Alison Newby       BSc (OT), MSc MOTI in Coaching; Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner.

Alison is passionate about learning and co-creating personalised learning experiences in individual coaching or groups. She has strong personal skills and calmly invites leaders to grapple with the interface between the known and the yet-to-be-experienced aspects of leadership learning. She has worked in the social sector for 20 years adding value to value-based organisations. Alison is also a visiting lecturer at USB-ED.

Cost: The cost is R39,250 plus VAT of R5,495 = Total of R44,745. SEED will invoice you upon registration. Payment must be made before the programme begins.

CCM Online Registration PDF Flyer & Registration Form