slp172The SLP is aimed at members of School Management Teams and is aimed at developing these school leaders so that they can lead sustainable, systemic change in their schools. The SLP includes leadership training, personal coaching and group coaching. This is offered at NQF level 7 and upon successful completion, students receive a certificate from the University of Stellenbosch.


  1. To develop confidence, insight and skills in leaders of schools so that they are ready and able to lead change in their schools
  2. To improve the ability of leaders of schools to lead cohesive and effective teams
  3. To enhance learner performance


  1. Participants demonstrate increased confidence and proficiency as leaders
  2. Participants show insight into the complexity of the systems in which they work
  3. Participants use facilitative tools that they have acquired appropriately in their schools.
  4. Staff teams report greater cohesion and effectiveness
  5. Staff demonstrate a deeper commitment to performing their roles responsibly
  6. Increased learner performance

Programme outline

  • A briefing session for participants at which they complete the Insights Personality type evaluator
  • 2 X two day residential training workshop followed by 3 X one day  non-residential workshops on facilitative leadership
  • Themes covered in training and Coaching
    • Self in Context (including Insights Personality profile)
    • Resilience
    • Relationship management (“me” and “we”)
    • Change management
    • Conflict Management
    • Leading a team
      • Goals
      • Roles
      • Processes
      • Relationships
    • Developing a Theory of Change (Pathway to Change for your school or district)
  • There are 4 written assignments in which participants apply what they have learned to their school or District
  • 5 sessions of one on one coaching for each participant and 3 sessions of group coaching