More and more research is indicating that the mentoring of principals and educators is the most effective way to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools. Building mentoring capacity in Circuit Managers (CMs) and other District officials can shift the way in which support is given to schools.

District Officials provide critical support and supervision to schools. Presently, much of the support that schools require is provided by NGOs. This is not a desirable model. Districts need to be capacitated to deliver this support effectively so as to ensure long term sustainability. District Officials often play the role of compliance officers rather than that of managers and mentors. This compliance driven culture means that they are unable to adapt to contextual realities and often end up alienating the very people they should be mentoring and managing.

SEED believes that this programme is ideally suited because it equips District Officials to be reflective practitioners through the rigour of a 10-12 month learning journey and through the assessments that are set. The course is offered at NQF level 7 and “graduates” receive a certificate from the University of Stellenbosch and also become part of the USB alumni.

Expected outcome

District Officials are reflective practitioners performing their mentoring and managing roles in ways that strengthen teaching and learning in schools.


  1. To develop District Officials who continuously reflect on self and others in order to improve their practice and deepen their professional identities.
  2. To develop the skills, competencies and dispositions of District Officials so that they can provide meaningful support to principals and schools.