slp172The education system in South Africa is under-performing. High levels of absenteeism, low morale and poor performance amongst educators are common themes that recur. These, in turn, lead to poor literacy and numeracy levels in primary schools and poor matric results in high schools. Researchers have identified poor leadership and management as a key contributing factor to the poor performance.

“Lessons from successful schools in poor areas show that dysfunctional schools can be transformed into positive learning and teaching environments. The leadership and management qualities of the principal are vital… What seems to stand out from all successful schools is the importance of leadership.” Ramphele,R (2008) Laying the Ghosts to Rest, NB Publishers, South Africa

SEED has observed that the delivery of quality education in the classroom is directly impacted by the quality of leadership given by the leadership team and by the cohesiveness and morale of the staff team as a whole.

Our Goal
To bring resilience and organizational health to stressed and challenged schools so that learner performance is enhanced.

To develop confidence, insight and skills in leaders of schools so that they are ready and able to lead change in their schools
To improve the ability of leaders of schools to lead cohesive and effective teams

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