SEED has been working in schools and Districts since 2006 and has run leadership programmes for more than 800 leaders from 8 districts across 5 provinces.

In addition to the School Leadership Programme, SEED also works with district officials, developing managing and mentoring skills. 


  1. To develop District officials who continuously reflect on self and others in order to improve their practice and deepen their professional identities
  2. To develop the skills, competencies and dispositions of District officials so that they can provide meaningful support to principals and schools


The following is an extract from an external consultant who conducted a 2017 assessment of SEED programmes with particular reference to the work in East London, King Williamstown (KWT) and Jane Furse Districts:


SEED changed district officials’ self-perception and their way of working together… simply by taking a large enough group of well-positioned, receptive officials through the SEED programme. Because they have been exposed to the same concepts and because they work in the same environment, these officials have reinforced each other’s growth and are having a combined impact on the management climate in their department.

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