SLP 10 August 2011 (Western Cape)

Sponsored by Nedbank Foundation

23 people from the following participating schools:

  1. Centre of Science and Technology (COSAT)
  2. Macassar Secondary
  3. Zola Business School
  4. Intlanganiso High School
  5. Matthew Goniwe Memorial High School
  6. Sizimisele Secondary School
  7. Umthawelanga Primary School
  8. Solomon Qatyana Primary School

SLP 10 team course at Joie de Vivre near Wellington, Western Cape


Post course Impact Evaluation Awareness of Self and Others

  1. I feel: affirmed, listened to, lack of judgement, safe , appreciated and respected
  2. I feel I can do my job better
  3. I understand different people’s emotions and I respect that
  4. The personality profile touched me emotionally

Knowledge of self and others

  1. I know who I am now it will be easy to work with people and understand them, to listen to them in whatever they bring to me and be able to work with them. I changed the way I saw things. I want more advice from different people. I love my job and my responsibilities
  2. I understand myself and why people don’t run after me if I run with a project. I reflect on myself and understand others better
  3. I know myself better and understand how to manage people differently. I am in transformation from old ways


  1. I understand now the reactions and the resistances that staff members are displaying- they are reacting to change . Change is a process and people react differently to it. I understand myself better and resistance to change I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I am uniquely me because of my life experiences
  2. I know myself better and understand why I behave differently towards a challenge
  3. I know who I am and how to be an effective leader. I know my strengths and challenges. I was taken on a path through education and my personal life. I received ideas about change and becoming an effective leader
  4. I learnt that to be a good learner I require more than” who I think I am”. I realised a sense of belonging in terms of knowing what I am good at and how to develop on areas that require development
  5. I am aware that there are so many more dynamics in human relations than what appears on the surface. I realise that one’s actions and behaviour might be key to a positive or negative end product. I am undergoing metamorphosis. I am already a changed and transformed person

Differences and Leadership

  1. I know what kind of a leader I am and my leadership qualities. I shifted from not knowing what impact I had on my colleagues in relation to decision making
  2. People have different personalities and differences are important. As everyone is different everyone can contribute something different to the school leadership and to the school


  1. I have improved my listening skills and there is better understanding in my team now
  2. I will listen to people, Know myself and how to be a good leaders, plan whatever I am doing, show respect to my colleagues and do things differently
  3. I will listen more, get clarity from my team and not be judgemental
  4. As a leader I will be more patient, a good listener and manage change differently
  5. As a leader I will listen to others, motivate others and allow room for staff participation
  6. I learnt not to be stuck where I am currently but to strive to be a better leader who is really to listen to my subordinates.


  1. I will not lead in isolation. I will lead as a team
  2. I view team work as a better way to achieve goalsSLP10-2

Leadership style

  1. I now give educators that I work with a space to raise questions and concerns about reaching our goals
  2. Now that I understand differences in personalities I will be accommodating without compromising the goals.

Coaching Statements – September 2011

Awareness and understanding

  1. My Insights profile helped me reflect on myself as a person, and how to relate to my family. I came to accept more…it opened up many avenues in my mind, to understand not only me, but others…it changed me really.
  2. In the past I was stuck in my green energy. Now I am more aware; more is possible. The tool I have is the mouth I have. But you don’t talk, if you don’t listen first.


  1. I used to be autocratic accepting no excuses. Now I listen and try to approach people more professionally. I am learning to control my emotions and understand different characters to deal with them differently. I am shifting from impatience to patience. This course has resulted in our meetings being less formal, more sharing of ideas amongst the Deputies and principal. I want everyone involved and respecting ideas. I ask, “What do you think?” more often. I want to build on what is good in the school.
  2. My awareness has shifted me from being rigid to more flexible in my leadership. I am delegating more. I do not naturally praise and I have difficulty building relationships and friendships. I am noticing the insights colour behaviours in myself and others.