SLP 11 May 2012 (Limpopo Province)

Sponsored by Old Mutual

Participating schools

  1. Monamodi Matsepe Secondary School
  2. Naledi ya meso Secondary School
  3. Motjedi Secondary School
  4. Ndendeka Secondary School
  5. Abraham Serote Secondary School
  6. Boleu Secondary School
  7. Mphage Secondary School
  8. Moshate Secondary School
  9. Ramanare Magampa Secondary School
  10. Mogudi Secondary School
  11. Kopa Secondary School
  12. Phokanoka Secondary School
  13. St Paul Secondary School
  14. Hlabi Secondary School
  15. Ramohlokola Secondary School



Post course Impact Evaluation Statements (selection):

Awareness Themes: What is clearer to me now?

  1. The process of change, sense of loss, reaction, acceptance and decision making- the roller coaster of change.
  2. In my leadership people must always be brought on board, Consultation and relevant problem solving techniques will solve many problems
  3. Conflict is unavoidable, but as leaders we need to confront it as early as possible to avoid it escalating
  4. I learnt about my personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. I can adopt the story wall style so that everyone will be free to talk about his/her views without fearing victimisation
  5. That most of the things we stress about are actually unnecessary

Learning/ Change Impact Themes: “What happened to me”?

  1. I was like a small boat without directions and an instructor. I never Knew when I was right or wrong
  2. My level of leadership confidence has been adjusted
  3. This workshop changed me to be a leader with clear visions and missions, to lead my people with confidence
  4. I was shown my leadership style is sticking to one method. I realised my leadership  style has to change
  5. My horizons have been broadened and I understand myself much better in terms of my character, strengths and weaknesses

Change Action/ Vision Themes: “What will I do differently”?

  1. I have more courage and motivation as I realise am dealing with veterans who are wounded with their previous situation and are unable to cope. They are hopeless and frustrated
  2. I will always approach things positively and realise the impact of decision making in the work place
  3. I will acknowledge diversity and embrace it in order to find common ground
  4. I will directly implement these learnt skills such as conflict resolution, moving away from stuckness and triangulation in relationships
  5. I will be realistic, bold and fair in my leadership and ensure impartial treatment of members of staff