The programme runs for 10-12 months (depending on commencement date) and includes a combination of study blocks, coaching, faculty supervision, peer supervision and academic assignments. Participants will need to contract with the funder and the Department to complete the programme before they are registered on the programme.

Assessment 1 (part 1) Reflective assignment, completion of Insights Discovery questionnaire
Study Block 1 (4 days)
  1. Instructional Leadership – The Framework of teaching and learning
  2. Change Management
  3. Self in Context (including Insights Personality Profile)
  4. Reflective practice
  5. Introduction to coaching and mentoring
  6. Holding the balance between mentoring and managing
  7. Explicating one’s instructional leadership theory of action
  8. Reflecting on explicit theory of action
  9. Instructional Leadership in context – facing the challenges of poorly resourced schools and social challenges
  10. Moving from a Theory of action to a theory of practice
  • Assessment 1 (part 2) Revise reflective assignment after input of Block 1
  • Assessment 2: Development of Case Study
  • Peer supervision
  • Coaching – 2 sessions
Study Block 2 (3 days)
  1. Review of case studies
  2. Formulating theories of practice
  3. Developing reconstructive learning practices
  4. Integrating theories of practice
  5. What are meta models
  6. Formulating a meta model from your theory of practice
  7. Challenges with explicating and reconstructing instructional leadership meta models
  8. Mock professional review

Assessment 3: Development of Instructional Leadership meta model to be presented at Block 3
Faculty supervision (1 hour)
Peer supervision

Study Block 3 (this is done in District groups and can take 1 day or 2 days depending on the size of the group)

  1. Presentation of meta models
  2. Practical demonstration of coaching and mentoring skills
  3. From meta models to integration
Assessment: Writing up of learning journey
Peer supervision