In working towards achieving the above outcomes, the following key objectives have been identified for the Principal Induction Programme. They relate to six out of the eight areas of the national Standard for Principalship: 

Principal Standard Key AreaObjectives
Leading Teaching and Learning in the School To develop an Action Learning Project that is connected to teaching and learning in the school and to build leadership capacity to implement the project in the school. 
Shaping the Direction and Development of the SchoolTo develop (or consolidate) a clear vision, mission and values that will underpin and guide the Action Learning Project. This should be a consultative process involving all stakeholders – SMT, teachers, learners, SGB, parents, and community partners
Managing the School as an OrganisationTo build an organisational structure that reflects the vision and values of the school and develop management systems and processes (financial, HR, ICT, learner support, infrastructure, etc) that work effectively and efficiently to enable teaching and learning. 
Managing the Quality of Teaching and Learning and Securing AccountabilityTo ensure that educators are well-prepared and actively engaged in providing opportunities to learn for all students. This includes developmental supervision as a professional relationship of learning, guiding and supporting teachers to strengthen practice and improve learning outcomes. 
Managing Human Resources in the SchoolTo ensure the correct appointment, placement and utilization of human resources and to build a culture of collaboration to achieve the organizational and academic goals of the school. 
Working with and for the CommunityTo work with the SGB to increase parental involvement in the school and build relationships and partnerships with other stakeholders to support the psycho-social and academic development of the learners. 
Developing Circuit managersTo further develop the mentoring competencies of Circuit Managers and to provide them with the specific knowledge and skills to mentor newly appointed school principals